Advanced biofuels – a key “Green Transition” contributor

Norway has a defined target of becoming a low-emission country by 2050. Achieving this target is referred to as “the Green Transition” and involves replacing polluting products and services with alternatives that are climate and environment-friendly.

For you as a consumer, established habits may be challenging to alter. The goods you purchase must be transported so that they are available to customers. When you need to travel, your car or the bus heading to town are natural options. If you plan to go abroad, the most efficient way of travel is still by plane. Transport is a considerable source of pollution. Despite the recent rise of alternative energy sources (electricity, hydrogen, etc.) for the transport sector, the need for hydrocarbon-based fuels will still pertain. Our project will contribute to the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable, sustainable, advanced biofuel.


The year by which Norway shall be a low-emission country


The biofuel mandate for renewable fuels currently set by Norwegian authorities


This is the share of all energy required by the EU to be from renewable sources in 2020

The increasing renewable share

24.5 percent of the fuel used for transport on Norwegian roads is currently required to be sourced from renewable materials. The mandate for the Green Transition will entail an increase in this percentage towards 2030. Advanced biofuels from our project sourced from the Norwegian forests will play an important role in the new, circular economy.

Making use of residuals

Biozin Holding AS, with the aid of new production technology, intends to utilize side streams and by-products from the forestry and wood industry to produce renewable and sustainable biofuel.