Project Amli

The municipality of Amli in Agder County in Norway is situated in a large forest area. In Amli, one of the most modern sawmills in Scandinavia is located – Nidara at Simonstad. The sawmill consumes about 300,000 cubic meters of sawlogs annually and is an important player in Norwegian forestry operations.

At the neighbouring plot of the Nidara sawmill, Biozin will establish its production plant for advanced biofuels. A 160,000 m2 industrial plot has been allocated, zoned, and developed for the project, which will be Norway’s first full-scale production plant of advanced biofuels. The Amli plant will process the sawmill’s forestry residues, low-quality logs, and by-products.

The result is advanced biofuel with clear environmental advantages over fossil fuels, contributing to achieving the government’s objectives for Norway as a low-emission country.

Project: Amli

Our first plant is currently being established. Follow our step-by-step progress into this new, Norwegian industrial venture through our project updates!

Strong industrial partners

The Biozin project is financially supported by Bergene Holm, its owner. Innovation Norway has also contributed significantly with financial grants to support early project activities.

Creating value locally and nationally

The Norwegian sawmill industry will see direct benefits from the project due to increased demand for their by-products and improve the forest operations’ overall attractiveness.

Locally, the project will result in significant job creation and several ripple effects for the Amli municipality and the entire county of Agder. The Biozin project will put Norway on the map as a considerable manufacturer of sustainable, advanced biofuels. Looking ahead, the product will be in strong demand across Europe, ensuring a long-term perspective for the Amli site.