Oversiktsbilde Åmli

Introducing a new Norwegian industrial venture

Our mission is to manufacture renewable, sustainable low-carbon fuels from biomass with origin from the Norwegian forestry and wood processing industry.

Norway has a significant surplus of raw materials well-suited for such production. Our plan is to establish biofuel production plants adjacent to forest resources and existing wood-processing plants, thereby further reducing our product’s carbon footprint.

Project: Amli

Our first production plant is currently being established. We will provide ongoing project updates here, allowing you to stay updated on our progress in this new exciting Norwegian industrial venture!

Norwegian raw materials

Biozin will be using sustainable raw materials from forests and side streams from the forestry industry in the production of advanced biofuels. Norway has a large, unutilized potential, and through Biozin’s investment, we support the green transition.


The global targets set for the transport sector by the Paris Agreement will result in considerable demand for sustainable, advanced biofuel. This forms the basis for profitable production in Norway.

Higher yield per volume

Waste such as bark, branches, and treetops is also attractive as feedstock, which then does not need to be left to rot in the forest – as is the current situation. For forestry and the sawmill industry, this creates new opportunities for operation and material handling in the forest. As a result, our project serves to make forestry more profitable and attractive as an industry.

Environmentally certified raw materials

Timber sold in Norway is certified and must meet strict environmental requirements. Norwegian forestry is obliged to ensure biodiversity and avoid negative environmental impacts from its operations. Care is also taken to protect animals, wildlife, and recreational areas. This means all feedstock to the Amli production plant will follow the same strict requirements.