One step closer to full-scale production of advanced bio-crude

Biozin Holding AS is progressing its work to establish a full-scale production facility for the advanced bio-crude biozin® at Åmli in Agder county. The company has decided to commence the next phase of the project, the pre-engineering phase. The full-scale facility is scheduled to be in operation in 2022.

In the recently finalized concept phase, an engineering study has been completed by the global engineering and construction specialist KBR (Kellogg Brown & Root). Further, Biozin Holding AS has carried out analyses of the feedstock availability and the market for biozin®, as well as evaluations of environmental aspects relevant for the project, all with positive outcomes. The profitability, as well as the sustainability of the business case for the full-scale production facility of biozin® at Åmli, have been confirmed.

During the pre-engineering phase, Biozin Holding AS will further develop the basis for its final investment decision, as well as the contract for the detailed engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) of the production facility. The pre-engineering phase is scheduled to be completed by 2019, and the estimated cost of this phase of the project will amount to 250 million NOK. The project will be funded by shareholders Biozin AS (Bergene Holm AS) and Preem AB. Innovation Norway granted 4.85 million NOK for the concept development phase and Biozin Holding AS seeks further support to mitigate financial risks during the pre-engineering phase.

The production facility at Åmli will convert woody feedstock (forestry residues and by-products from saw mill industry) into the advanced bio-crude biozin®. The technology selected for this conversion process, IH2®, will be provided by CRI/ Criterion Catalyst Company LTD, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell. The capacity of the plant will be approximately 1000 tonnes of biomass per day. The total project cost is estimated to amount to 3.5 billion NOK.


Biozin Holding AS is a Norwegian company wholly-owned by Biozin AS, which again is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bergene Holm AS.  Biozin Holding AS was established to produce renewable fuels from Norwegian mill- and forestry residues. Biozin AS has identified potential locations for additional production facilities of biozin® in several municipalities in South-East Norway. Website:

Bergene Holm AS is the second-largest sawmill company in Norway, with 430 employees and a turnover of 1.5 billion NOK. Bergene Holm AS operates 7 production facilities and other businesses in the South of Norway and has more than 70 years of experience from the Norwegian wood industry.

Preem AB is Sweden’s largest fuel company, with oil refineries in Lysekil and Gothenburg. Preem AB refines over 18 million m3 of crude oil each year, supplying petrol, diesel, fuel oil, and renewable fuels to businesses and individuals in Sweden. Approximately 2/3 of Preem AB’s production is exported. Preem AB has 1450 employees and a turnover of 56 billion SEK.

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