Clean energy from Norwegian forests

Biofuel manufacturing – Norway’s next industrial venture

We are building a new industry

Biozin plans to transform waste and side streams from the forestry industry into environmentally friendly, high-grade second-generation biofuel for the transport sector.

Tomorrow’s oil comes from the forest

Biofuel can be a novel Norwegian industrial venture. Forests in Norway contain an abundant, sustainable growth surplus and we have professional competence from the wood processing and petroleum industries.

With a vast and predictable market expanding both domestically and in the EU, Norway has every opportunity to establish a novel, future-oriented, green industry. Biozin intends to be a significant player in this field.

The green transition in Norway

Norway currently has regulation requirements for biofuel sales intended for road transport. At the core, those who sell fuel must ensure that the blending requirements for biofuel are met.

A subsequent requirement is that a defined percentage of all fuels sold must be advanced biofuel. This is biofuel mainly produced from side streams and residues. Advanced biofuel is double-counted in regulation requirement accounts, which means that one liter of advanced biofuel equals two liters of conventional biofuel.

Using new production technology, Biozin will use residues from the forestry and wood processing industries to manufacture renewable and sustainable advanced biofuel. Biozin’s production will be based on sustainable raw materials, and all resulting products will comply with requirements set in Norway and the EU.

Project: Amli

Our first production plant is currently being established. Follow our step-by-step progress into this new, Norwegian industrial venture through our project updates!